What about aerials/air steps?  What about aerials on the social dance floor?

Swing dancing is fun, but safety is also very important!  The basic rule for aerials/air steps is that they should never be performed on the social dance floor, but saved for competitions and performances.

An exception is a “Jam Circle” (assuming you have the technique and skill set to perform aerials in a jam circle).  In a jam circle, a circle of spectators is formed and swing dancers enter the circle one couple at a time, showing the spectators their best “stuff”.  In this environment, innocent people/bystanders would not be able to wander into the path of dancers performing aerials/air steps.

In addition and very importantly, aerials/air steps should only be attempted with a regular dance partner; in other words, don’t try to attempt an aerial/air step with a partner that you’ve only danced with a few times (or less) socially.

Want to learn aerials/airsteps?  It’s best to learn aerials/airsteps in a workshop setting, with experienced instructors using spotters and that have the proper equipment, i.e. a proper floor surface and floor mats, etc.

Make no mistake about it – aerials/airsteps not performed properly can be dangerous, not only to those trying the move but to innocent people/bystanders on the dance floor.  Beware of venues/instructors that allow aerials/airsteps on the social dance floor and during class instruction.