This web page provides general information on Hepcats and some out-of-town events.  The out-of-town events listed are ones Mike & Mary have either attended or heard good things about from other Lindy Hoppers & Balboa dancers whose opinions we trust.  Note some Lindy Hop events may also have classes & competitions for Balboa, and perhaps Collegiate Shag, i.e. Camp Hollywood.  This is not an all inclusive list….check out the Swing Planit web site for info on swing dance events all over the world (and that web site is probably not all inclusive).

Note:  Caveat emptor!  Hyperbole is rampant and commonplace these days, especially in swing dance event promotion on FB, on event web sites, etc.  Words and phrases like “awesome”, “amazing”, “fantastic”, “coolest ever”, “legendary”, “fabulous”, “incredible”, “super amazing”…… are so overused those words have almost lost any real meaning.  It’s a challenge separating fact from fiction in swing dance event promotion – – so buyer bewareYou can also check out our What’s the Scoop? feature.

Info provided only as a service to web users; no other info expressed or implied.  See the event web site and/or contact the event for full details.

(Last updated April 16th, 2020)

Well, things have changed since early March 2020.  A lot of swing dance events have been cancelled or postponed.  One of those being, very sadly, The All Balboa Weekend.

What will the Lindy Hop and Balboa swing dance community look like in the weeks and months ahead?  Or large events in general?

We’ll have to see what the future holds.

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