Can Mike & Mary help me out with my event: DJ the music, recommend a band, dancing, etc…?

Sure can!  We can DJ, find a great band, or even dance for you!

We can DJ.  Tired of the same ole’ music you get from most so called “party” or “professional” DJs?  Want music that’s energetic and fun for dancing and listening to?  With thousands of songs from the Big Band swing-era, Jump Blues, 50’s rock and roll, Rockabilly, 40’s, 50’s & 60’s Rhythm & Blues, modern swing, etc., Mike Richardson could DJ your next dance, party or event and get toes a tappin’ and feet a movin’!  Ask anybody that has attended a Hepcats event:  we play and dance to the best music in town!

Bands for Dances.  How about live music for your next event?  Mike & Mary have worked with numerous musical groups at the local, regional and national level.  These groups really know how to play, not only for dances but for any event (many of these groups have played for past Hepcats swing dance events in Lexington).  These groups include Big Band Orchestras, Jump Blues Bands, Rockabilly Bands, etc.  We would be happy to facilitate these groups performing at your event.

Let us dance for you.  Got a party or an event coming up and want some Swing Dancers to liven, energize, and spice things up?  We can help you out – liven up the party or event or just add some atmosphere to the joint!

Contact Mike Richardson at 859-420-2426, or