Welcome to the home page of Mike & Mary Richardson, swing dance instructors & performers.  We teach and promote the original swing dances of the 1930's & 40's big band swing era - Lindy Hop & Balboa - and the great music of that era!  Keepin' it Real!

Out-of-Town Events

2020 marks the 20th anniversary for The All Balboa Weekend!  Mike & Mary have attended this event 16 of the previous 19 years!  The event takes place June 18th-21st.  For Balboa enthusiasts, this is a must attend event!  (This is especially true for those swing dancers that live in our neck of the woods/within a reasonable driving distance of the event, i.e. KY, Ohio, Indiana,…)  And not to sound harsh, but you shouldn’t call yourself a serious Balboa dancer – and you really shouldn’t attempt to teach Balboa – if you don’t attend ABW on a regular basis, it’s really that simple – ABW is that quality of an event.

Registration opens Feb. 8th.  Also see this Hepcats web page for more info on the All Balboa Weekend.


Feb. 28-Mar. 1:  Dayton Swing Smackdown.  Workshop classes, plus a team competition.

Dance Events

See the dances or calendar page for info on upcoming events.

And check out the "What's the Scoop?" info noted below!

What's the scoop?  No, not ice cream - but what's the scoop on swing dance eventsHyperbole is rampant and commonplace these days, especially in swing dance event promotion on FB, on event web sites, etc.   Words like “awesome”, “amazing”, “fantastic”.... are so overused those type words have almost lost any real meaning.  It can be a real challenge separating fact from fiction for swing dance events.

So Mike & Mary are going to provide info on (1) future swing dance events, and (2) provide a review of selected events we attended - - called - - What’s the Scoop?  Click on this link to get the scoop!






The Hepcats are proud members of the National Fast Dance Association.

Group Classes & Private Lessons

Hepcats next series of group classes begin in October.  Details should be available on/about June 1st.  

(Want to learn right away and get one-on-one, individualized instruction in Lindy Hop and/or Balboa?  Take some private lessons with Mike & Mary!  Contact Mike Richardson at 859-420-2426 or info@luv2swingdance.com for more info.)

What's Next?

Next swing dance:  Swingin' on Short, Lexington's annual street dance!

Sat., June 6th.  Details to be announced soon!


Give the gift of dance!
Need a gift for the person that has everything?
Give a gift that lasts – with a lifetime of fun and good health!

Swing dance lessons are the perfect gift for someone looking for a fun activity, wanting to meet new people, explore a new hobby or just stay in shape.

Gift certificates can be customized for a single class/lesson, or for a package of classes, and for single dancers or groups of dancers.

One call or email does it all! Contact Mike Richardson at 859-420-2426 or info@luv2swingdance.com to arrange your purchase.