Welcome to the home page of Mike & Mary Richardson, swing dance instructors & performers.  We teach and promote the original swing dances of the 1930's & 40's big band swing era - Lindy Hop & Balboa - and the great music of that era!  Keepin' it Real!

Out-of-Town Events

o Dec. 7-8:  Jingle Bal, Cincy.

Dance Events

See the dances or calendar page for info on upcoming events.

And check out the "What's the Scoop?" info noted below!

What's the scoop?  No, not ice cream - but what's the scoop on swing dance eventsHyperbole is rampant and commonplace these days, especially in swing dance event promotion on FB, on event web sites, etc.   Words like “awesome”, “amazing”, “fantastic”.... are so overused those type words have almost lost any real meaning.  It can be a real challenge separating fact from fiction for swing dance events. 

So Mike & Mary are going to provide info on (1) future swing dance events, and (2) provide a review of selected events we attended - - called - - What’s the Scoop?  Click on this link to get the scoop!  

Group Classes & Private Lessons

o Hepcats Winter 2019 classes start on Sunday, Jan. 27th!


o For private lessons info, contact Mike.