Wedding day advice – concerning dancing only!

Mike & Mary have worked with several couples concerning dancing for their wedding day, primarily swing dancing, which is of course our specialty (although we are also adept at other dances such as waltz, salsa, foxtrot, etc).

We’ve done everything from teaching the couples a few simple moves, to teaching a more elaborate routine, to DJing all the wedding music.  It’s a real pleasure to see a couple look really good during their wedding dance and hear other people ooh and aah and say things like “Don’t they look great on the dance floor!” and “I didn’t know they could dance like that!”  So what advice would Mike & Mary have for the couple wanting to look good on the dance floor for their wedding?

Just Dance!  Based on our experience working with couples preparing for a wedding, it’s much easier to learn to dance rather than try to and learn a choreographed routine.  At the weddings I’ve attended, the best looking newlywed couples on the dance floor are those that have learned to dance.  Their dance looked natural, spontaneous and fun — because it was!  The key is to learn the basic and a few easy, but cool looking variations for whatever dance fits your song choice.

Don’t Try to Choreograph a Routine.  It may seem that a choreographed routine to the song of your choice would be the way to go for your wedding dance.  But in reality, dance routines are difficult for experienced dancers, and learning a dance routine adds more stress during a hectic period of your life.  It’s a lot to expect of yourself to memorize a dance routine on what could be a stressful day.

Song Choice.  Song selection is key for that first wedding dance.  A song that’s not too fast, but not too slow usually works best.  You also want a song that has a very identifiable rhythm.

Don’t Wait.  Whether you learn to dance, or you want to learn a routine, it takes time.  Plan at least one-two months ahead.  Don’t wait until the last minute to contact an instructor and get the classes scheduled.  When planning a wedding, details and events have a way of slipping up on you, so allow yourself plenty of time.

Less Stress.  Learning to dance for your wedding can actually be enjoyable and act as a stress relief from the hectic nature of a wedding.  That first wedding dance doesn’t have to be overly complicated.  With a little turn here, and a dip there, you’ll be able to look at your wedding video later on and say “Hey, we looked pretty good!”

So what’s the next step? Either take the Hepcats group classes or take some private lessons from Mike & Mary, or use a combination of both.

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