Life magazine – Lindy Hop and Balboa

Many complete issues of Life Magazine are now available on Google Books.  Here are a few of interest to Lindy Hop and Balboa dancers (in no particular order).

o The famous Lindy Hop Issue, Aug. 23, 1941 (pg 95-103) “The Lindy Hop:  A True National Folk Dance Has Been Born in U.S.A.”.  Article, and great pictures of Leon James and Willie Mae Ricker; and Stanley Catron and Kaye Popp.  Mike & Mary have a copy of this issue; if you want to see it at classes or at a dance, just let us know.

o Harvest Moon Ball, Sep. 15, 1941 (pg 9-11):  article about the Harvest Moon Ball dance competition at Madison Square Garden, NYC, on August 27, 1941.

o An article featuring Frankie Manning, June 16, 1941 (pg 49-50).

o Article on the Savoy Ballroom, Dec. 14, 1936 (pg 64-68):  Life Goes to a Party:  at the Savoy with the Boys and Girls of Harlem.

o Photo of Frankie Manning, July 8, 1940 (pg 84).

o Big Apple Dance Craze, Aug. 9, 1936 (pg 22).

o Article about Lindy Hoppers, Dec. 28, 1936 (pg 30-31).  Other dances are highlighted on pages 32-41.

o Article on the Big Apple, Collegiate Shag, Dec. 20, 1937 (pg 29-32).

o Article on Big Apple and Shag, Nov. 1, 1937 (pg 124).

o One-legged Jitterbug Dancer Jack Joyce, Oct. 7, 1940 (pg 10-11).

o Balboa Beach Dancing, Apr. 28, 1947 (pg 136-137).

o Ray Hirsch and Patty Lacey, Sep. 26, 1938 (pg 24).

o Article about the “Jitterbug”, Aug. 8, 1938 (pg 56-60).  On page 60 is an interesting list of “30 Good Hot Records”.

o Arthur Murray diagram “breakdown” of the Lindy Hop, Sep. 20, 1943 (pg 2).  Not sure what the diagram depicts, it really makes no sense.  It’s interesting to note that Mr. Murray himself states “This is only the rudimentary footwork.  The rhythm, which is more important, must be learned by listening and watching.”