Useful links for weekend workshop events

These links are provided only as a service to web users.  Inclusion on this web page or on the Hepcats website Calendar Page does not constitute our approval or endorsement.  If you would a link added (or removed), contact Mike Richardson at 859-420-2426,

These lists not intended to be all-inclusive, there may be others I’m not aware of (or just failed to list!).  Check out the Swing Planit web site for info on Lindy Hop and Balboa events all over the world (and even that web site is not all inclusive!).  If you search Google for Lindy Hop or Balboa workshops/events/dances, etc.., make sure you search “Lindy Hop” or “Balboa”, and not “swing dancing”.  If you search “swing dancing”, you’ll get some pretty strange results!

Note:  Caveat emptor!  Hyperbole is rampant and commonplace these days in swing dance event promotion on FB and event web sites:  words and phrases like “awesome”, “amazing”, “coolest ever”, “fabulous”, “incredible”, “super amazing”……are so vastly overused they’ve almost lost any real meaning.  It can be a challenge separating fact from fiction in swing dance event promotion – – so buyer beware!

National Level Weekend Workshops

These are some major national level weekend workshop events (in no particular order).  Bold events are in our “region”, i.e. within about an 8-10 hour drive.

  • All Balboa Weekend (ABW), Cleveland, OH.   This is the premier Balboa event in the Lindy Hop/Balboa swing dance community for live music for dancing, workshop classes, and competitions.  This is one of the best weekend events for swing dancers that want to learn and improve their Balboa, and attend a fun event!  If you are serious about your Balboa, you should attend this annual event on a regular basis – it’s that good!  Normally in June.
  • Lindy Focus, Asheville, NC.  This event takes place the week between Christmas and New Year’s and features 5 nights of big band music by artists such as Chick Webb, Jimmie Lunceford, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, et al.
  • Camp Hollywood, LA, CA.  One of the premier events in the Lindy Hop/Balboa swing dance community for competitions, workshop classes and dancing.  If you can make it to L.A., this is a great event to attend.  Normally over the Labor Day holiday weekend. 
  • International Lindy Hop Championships (ILHC), Washington, DC.  One of the premier events in the Lindy Hop/Balboa swing dance community for competitions, workshop classes and dancing.  Normally in November.
  • California Balboa Classic, Pasadena, CA.  A great event to attend if you can make it to So Cal.  Normally in January.
  • Camp Jitterbug, Seattle, WA.
  • Beantown Camp, Boston, MA.
  • Swing Out New Hampshire.
  • Nevermore Jazz Festival A three day event in the St. Louis, MO area.  Normally in November.
  • American Lindy Hop Championships (ALHC).

Regional Level Workshops

Other out-of-town swing dance scenes.  Mike and Mary have attended Lindy Hop and Balboa events all over the United States.  If you’re traveling and are looking for places to swing dance, feel free to ask Mike & Mary for more info on our experiences, recommendations, etc.