General info on dance clothes

The bottom line for what to wear to a swing dance:  you should dress nice and tasteful.  Remember, dancing is a social activity and you’re interacting with other people, so try to look like you care!

Think about it…guys, do you think women will want to dance with you or be attracted to you if you’re wearing ratty looking blue jeans, or cargo pants, or sweatpants and a dingy looking t-shirt?  Ladies, do you think guys will want to dance with you or be attraced to a lady that looks frumpy and dowdy?  It bears repeating, for both guys and gals – dress nice!

It’s “dressy” casual or business casual for most people at a lot of swing dance events, although some like to get dressed up, and that’s fine!  People also tend to get more dressed up for events with live music, such as the Hepcats Big Band Swing Dances, the Saturday night dance at the All Balboa Weekend, the nightly dances at Lindy Focus, etc…

Generally, keep comfort in mind, and note that swing dancing keeps you movin’!  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.  (To protect the dance floor, no boots, “spiked” high heels or similar type shoes should be worn.)

For classes.  Wear loose comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes.  We don’t recommend blue jeans because they’re too restrictive.  We also don’t recommend high heels or open, strapped shoes or sandals or flip flops.

Vintage Style.  As noted above, some people prefer to wear vintage clothing at swing dances, i.e. wide legged pants, two tone shoes, “swishy” skirts or dresses, etc.  While this is never required, it is fun and adds to the overall atmosphere of the dance.  Where do you get vintage style clothes?  Generally speaking, here, there and everywhere – see the info below.