Can I/should I learn from videos, DVDs, YouTube…?

Learning to swing dance from watching You Tube clips, videos, DVDs, etc. can be problematic.  A couple of points for your consideration:

(1)  It’s fine (and in fact encouraged!) to view vintage video clips as a source of inspiration and for figuring out what you want/need to learn for your Lindy Hop and Balboa (check out this Hepcats web page) – by all means check out the vintage video footage of Hellzpoppin’, Maharaja, etc..

But to take your Lindy Hop/Balboa to the next level, it’s really quite simple.  Take classes from the best Lindy Hop and Balboa instructors you can find; develop good practice habits; attend high quality workshops; and get involved in a performance group.

(2)  It’s hard to learn (and pick up good habits) from watching a video, either instructional or vintage.  There are many subtle points that do not come across in a video.  Plus you don’t get feedback on your progress. (Note that teaching techniques in the Lindy Hop and Balboa swing dance community have definitely improved over time, and that older You Tube clips/DVD’s may have dated material.)