Welcome to the homepage of Mike & Mary Richardson, swing dance instructors & performers. We teach and promote the original swing dances of the big band swing-era, Lindy Hop and Balboa, and the great music of that era!

May 14th: Glenn Miller Orch. at the beautiful Music Hall Ballroom in Cincy!
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Thurs., May 14th:  Glenn MIller Orch. at the Music Hall Ballroom in Cincy.GMO,MHB


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What’s next?  Balboa practice session  – and some fun dances coming up in May & June with live music!  

Bal2The All Balboa Weekend is right around the corner!
So Mike & Mary thought it would be good to get together on a smooth, BalCouplewooden dance floor; play some great Balboa music from Mike’s collection of over 10,000 swing-era songs; and dance and practice Balboa!
Note there will be lots of good music suitable for Lindy Hop, so Lindy Hoppers are certainly welcome!
Sunday, May 31st, 2:00-5:00 pm
Location:  Arthur Murray Dance Studio, 1801 Alexandria Dr., Lexington, KY (in Gardenside, across from Kroger); click here for map and directions.
Cost is only $5 a person (pay Mike or Mary at the DJ table, exact change preferred).
Questions?  Don’t hesitate to contact Mike at info@Luv2SwingDance.com, or 859-420-2426.  

Saturday, June 6th – Swingin’ on Short, Lexington’s annual street dance!

Swingin’ on Short!

Lexington’s annual street dance!

Saturday, June 6th, 7 – 11 pm


The big bad wolf is back!

The big bad wolf is back!

Featuring music by Neon Swing X-perience!

Wild, Wacky. Zany. Fun.  Imagine if Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley, Glenn Miller, Brian Setzer, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones all decided to put a band together…and then added William Shatner to perform stand-up comedy between songs.  That’s Neon Swing X-perience!

o 7:00 – 8:00 pm:  swing dance lesson

o 8:00 pm:  band starts

o Dance contest during the band’s break (c. 8:45 pm)

o Snacks & refreshments available

o Admission:  free!

Location for this event:  Courthouse Plaza, corner of Short and Limestone Streets, downtown Lexington.

Location and Parking Info.  Swingin’ on Short takes place near the Courthouse Plaza, corner of Short and Limestone Streets, downtown Lexington, KY (same location as last year).

Parking is available on the streets adjacent to the event site, plus in several parking lots located in the vicinity of the event.  Click here for a map of Downtown parking locations.

Sponsors:  Swingin’ on Short is sponsored by Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) Parks & Rec with support provided by the Hepcats Swing Dance Club and Lexington Arthur Murray.  2015 will mark the 14th year the Hepcats and Lexington Arthur Murray have provided support for this free community event!

Questions/more info:  contact Mike Richardson at 859-420-2426, info@luv2swingdance.com.

Out-of-town events 

GMO,MHBo Thursday, May 14th:  Glenn Miller Orchestra Dance/Benefit.  Revisit the glory days of the Music Hall Ballroom in Cincy with this swing dance to benefit WMKV/WLHS Public Radio!  The event features the Glenn Miller Orchestra playing in the beautiful Music Hall Ballroom that hosted the great big bands of the 1930’s & 40’s.  Click here for ticket info.

o Saturday, May 23rd:  USO Swing Dance at Coney Island in Cincy.  Sponsored by the Cincy Warbirds, featuring music by the Tom Daugherty TDOrchOrchestra and their re-creation of the Glenn Miller Army-Air Force WW II band.  A fun event to attend, dress to impress.  A lot of people dress swing-era/WWII vintage for this event!  (Mike might even wear one of his uniforms from his Army days!)

ABWLogoo June 11th – 14th:   All Balboa Weekend (ABW), Independence, OH (about 15 miles SW of Cleveland).  ABW is the premier Balboa event in the Lindy Hop / Balboa swing dance community for Balboa classes, competitions and dancing (to both live and DJ’d music).  For Balboa dancers, this is a must attend event!