Welcome to the homepage of Mike & Mary Richardson, swing dance instructors & performers. We teach and promote the original swing dances of the big band swing-era, Lindy Hop and Balboa, and the great music of that era!

Sat., May 14th - Hepcats Swing Dance - with some extra special Balboa tunes!
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Out-of-town events

June 16-19:  All Balboa Weekend (ABW).  A must attend event for Balboa enthusiasts! ABW16

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Saturday, May 14th – Hepcats Swing Dance – with some extra special Balboa tunes on the playlist!  

AlbumCovers,bo Saturday, May 14th:  Hepcats Swing DanceGoodman, Lunceford, Basie, Shaw, Ellington….there’s a reason they call it classic music!  Come dance to great swing music on a floating, smoooooth wooden dance color!  Click here for all the info.

As to be expected at a Hepcats dance, DJ Mike Richardson will play a mix of great swing music for Lindy Hop and Balboa at a variety of tempos.

And since the All Balboa Weekend is just a little over a month away, Mike has some extra special Balboa tunes on the playlist – some old favorites, some I haven’t played in a while, and a few new ones!  And at least a couple of really fast numbers – can you handle it?!?!  (Speaking of the All Balboa Weekend (ABW), click here for info on why you should attend the ABW!)

Swingin' on Short, Lexington's annual street dance.

o Saturday, June 4th:  Swingin’ on Short, Lexington’s annual street dance.  7-11 pm.  Corner of Short & Limestons Sts., downtown Lexington.  See the Hepcats dances web page for all the info.

Out of town events

GMO,MHBo Wednesday, May 18th, 7-10 pm:  Glenn Miller Orchestra Dance/Benefit at the beautiful Music Hall Ballroom in Cincy.

TDOrcho Saturday, May 28th, 6-10 pm:  Cincinnati Warbirds USO Show & Swing Dance at Coney Island Park in Cincy.

ABWLogoo June 16th-19th:  All Balboa Weekend (ABW) A must attend event for Balboa enthusiasts!

Why you should attend the ABW?  Click here for more info.