Welcome to the home page of Mike & Mary Richardson, swing dance instructors & performers. We teach and promote the original swing dances of the 1930's & 40's big band swing era - Lindy Hop & Balboa - and the great music of that era!

Sat., Oct. 15th - Swing Dance Practice Session
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Saturday, October 15th – Swing Dance Practice Session

 Swing Dance Practice Session 
Saturday, October 15th

7:30 – 11:00 pm
Practice makes perfect!  Practice is one of the best ways to solidify any Lindy Hop or Balboa material you may have learned.  These practice sessions are a chance to practice, social dance, work LHCouple5[1]on a new move…on a floating, smooth wooden dance floor.Bal2 

While there is no dance lesson at this practice session, Mike & Mary are available to answer questions and provide tips & suggestions. 

And DJ Mike Richardson will play a mix of great swing music for Lindy Hop and Balboa at a variety of tempos.

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Out of Town Events

 o Saturday, October 8th, 3-6 pm:  2nd Saturday Balboa Practice Session, at College Hill Town Hall, Larch St., Cincy. Calling all Balboa dancers….a chance to practice and dance Balboa!  Thanks 2ndSatBalto Heather Fanska for organizing this event.

oKLX Oct. 21st-23rd:  Knoxville Lindy ExchangeLots of dancing in the Volunteer state.

Smorgasboard2015o Saturday, November 26th:  Smorgasboard of Swing, Cincy.  Annual post Thanksgiving one day event.  Classes from 12-5 pm, dancing 8 pm – 12 am to Mickey James & His Queen City Crew, plus some competitions at the dance.  Mike & Mary Richardson look forward to teaching Balboa at the workshop!