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Mike & Mary at Lindy Focus 2017 with some Cincy friends.

Mike the DJ – no “mayonnaise & white bread” music when Mike DJ’s!

Mike & Mary at the All Balboa Weekend 2017

View “Swing Out” – a documentary by Morgan Irish – on the Video page.

Heel slide!

What’s that swing dance where people shuffle their feet to fast (and even really fast!) music? Balboa is the dance!

The Kentucky Jazz Repertory Orchestra (KJRO), the Hepcats favorite band!

Baby doll drop!

Don’t you be that icharoo!

Mike in a Jack & Jill competition.

Mike & Mary in a jam circle.

Swingin’ on Short, Lexington’s annual street dance, support provided by the Hepcats!

Lindy Hop – the original swing dance!

The Hepcats – keepin’ it real!

Mike & Mary at one of the Coney Island USO Swing Dances.

The All Balboa Weekend – if you’re a Balboa enthusiast, this is a must attend event!

The Savoy Ballroom – birthplace of Lindy Hop.

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Nuff said!