This web page provides general information on Hepcats and some out-of-town events in a monthly list format.  The out-of-town events listed are ones Mike & Mary have either attended or heard good things about from other Lindy Hoppers & Balboa dancers whose opinions we trust.  Note some Lindy Hop events may also have classes & competitions for Balboa, and perhaps Collegiate Shag, i.e. Camp Hollywood.  This is not an all inclusive list….check out the Swing Planit web site for info on swing dance events all over the world (and even that web site is probably not all inclusive).

Note:   Caveat emptor!  Hyperbole is rampant and commonplace these days, especially in swing dance event promotion on FB, on event web sites, etc.  Words and phrases like “awesome”, “amazing”, “fantastic”, “coolest ever”, “legendary”, “fabulous”, “incredible”, “super amazing”…… are so vastly overused those words have almost lost any real meaning.  It’s a real challenge separating fact from fiction in swing dance event promotion – – so buyer bewareYou can also check out our What’s the Scoop? feature.

Info provided only as a service to web users; no other info expressed or implied.  See the event web site and/or contact the event for full details.

(Last updated Oct. 14, 2018)


Hepcats Fall classes start Sunday, October 21st!

Register In Advance On-line and $ave!

1. Beginner Class – Learn to Swing Dance with the HepcatsSundays, October 21st – November 18th, 5:30-6:15 pm.

2. Add Some New Moves! Sundays, October 21st – November 18th, 6:30-7:15 pm.

See the Hepcats Classes web page for all the info!

Mike & Mary have taught literally thousands of people to swing dance, and we can teach you – give it a try!

For the beginner class series we’ll learn the original swing dance:  Lindy Hop!  Lindy Hop is built around 8 count patterns and requires good lead and follow skills, and good technique. Learn Lindy Hop – and get hep to the jive!

o Already know some swing dance? Don’t settle for “step, step, rock step” – – learn the original swing dance, Lindy Hop!

o The beginner class is also a good class series for those that have a basic or introductory knowledge of Lindy Hop and want to learn and reinforce good Lindy Hop technique, styling and movement.

Cost: $40 ($35 students) for the entire 5 week class series.  Register In Advance On-Line and save $5! (Use promo code Hepcat)

October 2018

Hepcats Fall classes start on Sunday, October 21st.  Check out the Hepcats classes web page for all the info!






November 2018

o Nov. 1-4:  Nevermore Jazz Ball, St. Louis, MO area.  See there web site for all the info.

o Nov. 2-4:  Balhalla, Baltimore, MD.  A Balboa weekend workshop event.

o Nov. 9-11:  Derby City Jeep Jockey Jump, Louisville.  A weekend workshop event.  See the link for more info.

o Sat., Nov. 24:  Smorgasbord of Swing, Cincy.  A one day workshop and Saturday night dance event.

December 2018

o Dec. 8:  Jingle Bal, Cincy.  A one day Balboa workshop.  See the link for info.

o Dec. 27th-31st:  Lindy Focus, Asheville, NC.  Annual week long workshop event – and with great big band music featuring artists such as Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Jimmie Lunceford, Chick Webb…..

January 2019

Happy New Year! 

Will the Hepcats offer classes in Winter 2019?  Probably, but you never know...….Mike & Mary may decide to take a bit of time off from teaching, we may take a long vacation......who knows??  So make sure to sign up for the Hepcats Fall 2018 classes!


o Tuesday, January 1st, 4:00 pm:  Nobody Could Hurt Like Hank, a show about the life of Hank Williams, at the Grand Theater, Lancaster, KY.

A note from Mike & Mary about this event: Hank Williams was a unique talent. Often called the father of country music, Hank Williams was a superstar songwriter, musician and performer by the age of 25, and dead by age 29.

He influenced not only county music but much of the popular music of the 1950's and early 60's. Many of his songs were covered by mainstream artists of his era; artists continue to perform and cover his songs to this day. Williams lived a short, reckless and troubled life, reflected by the lyrics and emotional appeal of his songs.

Come see this fun and informative show about his life. Mike & Mary Richardson will be dancing on stage - and Mike will be the MC/announcer for this production!

February 2019


March 2019


April 2019


May 2019


June 2019

o June 2019 (exact date TBA):  Swingin' On Short, Lexington's annual street dance!

o  All Balboa Weekend (ABW), 2019 - June 13-16!  It's never too early to mark your calendar and save the dates for the ABW.  More info to follow.