How do people dress at swing dance events?

For dances.  It’s “dressy” casual for most people at swing dance events, although some like to get a little dressed up, and that’s fine!  People do tend to get more dressed up for events with live music, such as the Hepcats/UK School of Music Big Band Swing Dances, the evening dances at All Balboa Weekend, Lindy Focus, etc.  Keep comfort in mind, and note that swing dancing keeps you movin’!  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.  (To protect the dance floor, boots, “spiked” high heels or similar type shoes should not be worn.)

For classes.  Wear loose comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes.  We don’t recommend blue jeans because they’re too restrictive.  We also don’t recommend high heels or open, strapped shoes or sandals or flip flops.

Vintage Style.  Some people prefer to dress vintage at swing dances, and while this is never required, it is fun and adds to the overall atmosphere of the dance.

Note:  for more info on clothes and shoes for swing dancing, vintage clothes, etc… click here.